Companions of the Firmament Unveils New Stretch Goals

Companions of the Firmament art. Used with permission.

Companions of the Firmament art. Used with permission.

Geek Industrial Complex has opened up a new line of stretch goals for Companions of the Firmament, coincident with the previously reported creature sheets: flying monster sheets. In the Kickstarter update, Neil explains, “This vector of stretch goals is designed to get as many flying monsters set up with their own tailored sheet that is ready to be used with the Companions of the Firmament rules.” These monster sheets will act as a sort of flowchart or infographic for GMs, helping them to know at a glance what a flying creature is capable of doing within the expanded rules provided by Companions of the Firmament.

The update goes on to lay out how many monsters will gain monster sheets based on the total money raised for the project. There are literally hundreds of flying creatures in Pathfinder, so it’s no small task to create info sheets for all them to work easily with Companions of the Firmament.

Further, like the previous set of creature sheet stretch goals, this line becomes available to all backers of Geek Industrial Complex’s project. It’s value added for everyone!

Companions of the Firmament Reaches $2000 Stretch Goal

Companions of the Firmament art. Used with permission.

Companions of the Firmament art. Used with permission.

As of this afternoon, Companions of the Firmament reached its $2000 stretch goal:

As we ascend we are joining up with twenty new creatures high in the heavens in the form of a new creature sheet with artwork done by Justin McElroy. This new sheet will expand upon the existing creature sheet, illustrating even more mounts that you’ll be able to print out, cut up and have ready for your gaming table.

The creature sheets allow players and GMs to easily create tokens to represent their mounts and monsters on the battle mat. A flat token, mounted to card or a piece of light wood, as found in craft stores, allows role-players to show when a mount is being ridden or not by its owner, rather than trying to balance one self-contained miniature on another.

This stretch goal adds value for all backers of Companions of the Firmament. The extra creature sheet will be available to everyone. Now on to $2500 and dragons!

Geek Industrial Complex on Carnagecast

Companions of the Firmament art. Used with permission.

Companions of the Firmament art. Used with permission.

Neil Carr of Geek Industrial Complex appears on Carnagecast this week to talk about his current project on Kickstarter, Companions of the Firmament, as well as his experiences so far with crowdfunding.

Geek Industrial Complex is a new role-playing game publisher based in Barre. Companions of the Firmament is their first product. Carnagecast is a podcast produced by the Carnage gaming convention, based in the Upper Valley of Vermont.

Give the episode a listen!

UVM Student Launches Emacsy Kickstarter

University of Vermont doctoral student Shane Celis has a Kickstarter campaign underway to raise funding for an embeddable version of the text editor Emacs called Emacsy:

Emacs has been extended to do much more than text editing. It can read your email, run a chat client, act as your therapist, and more. For some, the prospect of reading email from within your text editor sounds weird. Why would anyone want to do that? Because Emacs gives them so much control. If you are frustrated by a particular piece of functionality, you can disable it in Emacs. Unhappy with some unintuitive key binding? Change it. Unimpressed by a built-in function? Rewrite it.  And you can do all that while Emacs is running.  You don’t have to exit and recompile.

The purpose of Emacsy is to bring the Emacs way of doing things to other applications natively. In my mind, I imagine Emacs consuming applications from the outside, while Emacsy combines with applications from the inside—thereby allowing an application to be Emacs-like without requiring it to use Emacs as its frontend. I would like to hit M-x in other applications to run commands. I would like to see authors introduce a new version: “Version 3.0, now extendable with Emacsy.” I would like hear power users ask, “Yes, but is it Emacsy?”

Visit the Kickstarter page to find out more about Shane’s vision for Emacsy and how you can back the project. The drive ends June 15th, so there’s a month left to raise the funds to make it happen.

[Link via VAGUE, the Vermont Area Group of Unix Enthusiasts.]

Conquest: Funded!


Epic news this morning: the Conquest Kickstarter has been fully funded! Many thanks to our 113 backers, who pledged $41,225 for the project! There’s still time to go kick a bit more over to the project, here. Stay tuned for more updates as the production phase kicks in over the summer. Delivery is estimated to take place in November, and we’ll make sure that you guys know all about it!

Conquest Update

The Conquest Kickstarter campaign is chugging along: it’s currently up to the 22% funding level, just shy of having raised $10,000 towards their total!

There’s a long way to go, and we’d greatly appreciate if you’d take a moment to consider donating, passing the word onto someone you think might be interested in a space-based tablet game, or something along those lines.

Conquest, for the newly initeated, is to be a tablet game that’s designed for the iPad and Android tablets, currently being funded through Kickstarter. Our goal is to raise $40,000 to get the game going. You can take a look at the video and all the details here.

Local Kickstarter Project Launches: Conquest

Burlington, Vermont resident Blackwell Hird has just launched his first kickstarter campaign to build and release a dedicated tablet game of interstellar war. A recent graduate from the Vancouver Film School for Game design, he’s been let down by the current offerings when it comes to space-based strategy games in the digital age: the stories lacked the exploration qualities that he grew up with: “Many of [the games] simply laid out the galaxy as a known quantity which to me, does a diservice for the medium.” Conquest looks to bring the same principles of the space war games into the future that they depict.

Conquest is inspired by many of space based strategy games, that Hird grew up with, such as Twilight Imperium and Warhammer 40K, as well as other strategy games such as Risk and Diplomacy, and will bring the action to an interactive, digital setting. One frustration was the time and effort required to set up the games: “I loved the principles behind [the games], but the time involved to even set them up and get into them were far to inaccessible for many of my friends: we wanted to spend the time playing the games.” Conquest allows players to get right into the action, while still retaining the face to face and social aspects that are trademarks and attractions of board games.

You can visit the Kickstarter campaign here:


Conquest; my empire’s bigger than yours.

Welcome… To space! At least a small, fiercely contested corner of it. Grab your tablet of choice and revel in gleefully conquering your rivals in this turn-based strategy extravaganza with a twist. The giant space monster is not the twist. It’s just part of the scenery.

How many times have you gone to bust out one of your favorite board games, only to be fended off by long set up times, not being able to get everyone to sit still for long enough to play, and not entirely remembering the rules? The answer is too many times.

Conquest will help alleviate these problems, hopefully proving the balm for your itching board game desires. Setting up a game is as fast as pushing the big red button, the gameplay is easy to put down and pick up again at your leisure, and the rules are simple enough to figure out, while engaging enough to encourage strategy (especially if the strategy is “go forth and blow things up”).

Conquest tasks you with building your very own galactic empire and blasting your opponents into their constituent bits. Use your vast and (mostly) awe-inspiring fleet to explore a galaxy randomly generated by the game or lovingly hand-crafted by you. Discover, explore, and mercilessly conquer planets that you discover in said galaxy, all while hoping that you don’t land your fleet in the middle of a black hole. Then fight the good fight both in space and planet side until you are finally able to plant your flag on your opponent’s home world and then laugh at them.

This kickstarter project is looking to raise $41,000, which will be used to hire a programer and support team to deliver the game by November 2012, and to create an LLC to support the game and its deployment.

Pledge $10: Colonial Private: Become a soldier in the game.Your name will become one of the ground troops you command to conquer planets. Goes with all subsequent rewards.
Pledge $25: Warrant Officer: Draft notice from the world of Conquest, printed on translucent stock, containing one free access code for the game and a trial code for a friend. Includes all previous packages.
Pledge $45: Ensign: Graduate to an officer in the fleet with a T-shirt uniform in the pattern of a bridge officer with your rank insignia on the left breast.
Pledge $65: Junior Lieutenant: Gain a limited edition home world skin.
Pledge $85 Lieutenant: Replace your standard issue frigate model with this limited edition prototype to show your support.
Pledge $130: Major: Custom ID card and news article from the world of Conquest, printed on translucent paper.
Pledge $170: Commander: Signed and numbered concept art piece from Conquest’s development.
Pledge $210 Admiral: Identify yourself as a ranking member of the fleet with a limited edition fleet model. Each ship and troop is replaced with a new model.
Pledge $250: Senior Admiral: Digital 3D print of the in game battle-cruiser, on a base inscribed with your name.
Pledge $300: Rear Admiral: Be a voice of the fleet. Get a voice work credit and record the voice of ship captains as they are given orders in the game.
Pledge $500: Vice Admiral: Custom Handmade edition of the Conquest board game, Signed and numbered. Includes all previous reward packages.
Pledge $1,500: Fleet Admiral: Custom Ipad 2, painted with a scene from conquest by the games artist. Comes with custom background and game preloaded along with all production art and documents for insight into how we made the game.
Pledge $5,000: Chief of Operations: Be an executive producer on Conquest. Get involved with the process and have your creative say in its development and implementation. We still maintain creative control but you get to be a member of the team and the credit that comes with it.

About Blackwell Hird:

Blackwell always dreamed of designing visual interactive narratives and has spent the past 10 years learning how. Prior to the Games Industry, Hird spent 4 years in the Entertainment and Film Industry in New York City, where he worked as Lead Story Board Artist on feature film Perkins 14 for Lionsgate, Creative Designer/Writer with transmedia company Starlight Runner, and professional Prop Designer at NYC Prop Art. In 2010 he attended the Vancouver Film School for the Game Design Diploma Program where he pursued his passion for Narrative and Level Design while learning the mystic arts of game production. He fused his prior skills in visual communication with newly honed skills in writing and cinematics to produce an award nominated machinima. Hird also applied his Degree from Pratt Institute’s Industrial design program to the new skills of Game Production and Design to help create Eyegore, nominated for best in show from his class.

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