Dean Whitlock’s The Man Who Loved Kites

Vermont author Dean Whitlock has recently published a chapbook of short fiction!

I wrote The Man Who Loved Kites soon after seeing a big stunt kite carving the air over Rye Beach on the New Hampshire shore. I was immediately bitten by the kiting bug and soon had my own stunt kite, along with a couple of single-line stunters (based on Indian and Japanese fighter kites), and a collection of colorful sky-painting kites. (My brother-in-law Tom and I once had 14 different kites in the air at the same time.)

I delved into the design and history of kites, and discovered that there were ancient legends but no hard facts about the who, when, where, why, or how – except that it happened in China a long, long time ago. There were a couple of names, however, and some intriguing details . . .

Before I knew it, I had my own kite origin story to offer: The Man Who Loved Kites. It was published in the December 1991 issue of F&SF and received some very nice comments (as did the lovely cover illustration by Bryan Leister).

The book is available in print on demand, as an e-book and is in some bookstores around Vermont:

Phoenix Books has a few copies for sale, as does the Norwich Bookstore in Norwich and Star Cat Books in Bradford, VT. It’s also available in at least one kite store so far and Chapman’s Store in Fairlee, VT, which also sells kites.

More details can be found here!