VT Open Game Day for Extra Life

Extra Life logo.Extra Life logo.Vermont gamers are teaming up to support Children’s Miracle Network hospital via the Extra Life charity. On November 2nd, the Platinum Squad hosts a 14 hour game day at the Arrowhead Senior Center in Milton, Vermont:

In addition to being able to donate online, Team Platinum Squad will be hosting an Open Game Day in Milton, VT where, for 14 hours, anyone is welcome to come and play some tabletop games with us: board games, card games, miniatures games and RPGs are all welcome! Along with our team playing some of our favorite games, other members of the local gaming community will be bringing out theirs as well. [ . . . ]

The Open Game Day is free and open to all! We only ask for a small $1 donation at the door which will directly go towards our efforts to reach our Extra Life team goal, though attendees are always welcome to donate more if they wish. We’ll also be holding a charity raffle during the event, loaded with gaming related prizes, donated by our sponsors and local area businesses! More information will be added in the upcoming weeks, so check back often for updates!

The day is sponsored in part by Brap’s Magic, the new game store in Burlington. If you want to donate to the Platinum Squad’s fund-raising efforts, check out their Extra Life page for more information, plus the chance to join in.

2012 Canpocalypse Collects Donations for Local Food Pantry

Over at Triple Play, the friendly local game store in West Lebanon, New Hampshire, Warhammer 40k gamers will gather for the 2012 Canpocalypse tournament on Saturday, November 18th. This tournament is a little different from your every day, year-round variety. At Canpocalypse, the entry fee for this tournament is two cans of food.

See, Canpocalypse rounds up donations from participating players to donate to the local food pantry. Two cans gets one entry into the tournament. Further donations garner players extra perks like units from another codex, up to a super-heavy vehicle. Players are motivated to donate more canned goods as it allows them to field additional or non-standard units.

Like Extra Life, which game stores Triple Play and Quarterstaff Games both participated in, Canpocalypse is a great way of tying the gaming hobby to a charitable cause. Thanks go to everyone who participates — or is motivated to make a donation of their own, player or not — and to Triple Play for putting the whole shindig on.

Flood Benefit Game Day in West Lebanon, New Hampshire

And the gamers continue stepping up, now with a Flood Benefit Game Day hosted by Triple Play Games and Comics in West Lebanon, New Hampshire. September 10th, Triple Play accepts freewill donations from all comers, with a suggestion of $10. Proceeds go to the Red Cross agency of Vermont and New Hampshire to fund relief efforts of the flooding in the wake of tropical storm Irene.

As the Facebook description says:

Whether you want to just play some board games, or roll mountains of d6’s with your space marines, you can join us at the store. Entry fee for the event is a freewill donation of your choice ($10 recommended), and we will also be selling raffle tickets for a variety of games and prizes. Raffle tickets will be $5 apiece or 3 for $10.

The game day starts at 10:00am when the store opens and continues as long as people want to game.

Gamers Host Charity Auction to Benefit Flood Victims

In the wake of the disastrous flooding that hit so much of southern Vermont, isolating whole towns from the outside world, it can be paralyzing to try to figure out how to help.

Matt Golec of the Upper Valley hit on the idea of holding a game auction to supplement the usual fundraising efforts. This way we can engage people who want to support the recovery effort in Vermont from outside the surrounding area.

Matt has a geeklist set up on Boardgamegeek. He’s asking only people invited to list items do so. Bidders can be from anywhere in the world. Members listing items will collect the fees and donate them to the Vermont/New Hampshire Valley Red Cross agency to aid immediate short term relief efforts. I plan to go through my game library for auction candidates when I get home tonight.

If you’d like to read more about flood recovery efforts in Vermont, I recommend the following sources:

Further, if you have a moment, please help spread the word about initiatives to aid flood recovery like Matt Golec’s. Every little bit helps and that it’s a locally-born endeavor makes it even more powerful.

[Reposted in part from Held Action.]

Star Wars Comes to Shelburne!

The perfect mix of things for Geek Dads everywhere: The Flying Pig Bookstore will be hosting a Star Wars event on Sunday, June 19th in Shelburne Town Gym, where kids and adults alike can see some of the latest Star Wars books, and meet members of the 501st Legion from the local New England Garrison. Admission is $2, with all proceeds benefiting the Stern Center. There will be games, trivia, snacks, crafts and books. Bring your camera!