Penny Press Designers on Carnagecast 52

Penny Press logo.

With the locally-designed board game Penny Press in the last stretch of raising funds to enhance the print edition, designers Matt Golec and Robert Dijkman Dulkes are making the rounds to get the word out to board game enthusiasts and potential backers. I was able to meet up with them last weekend at the Green Mountain Gamers’ Game ‘n Grill in Vergennes, where we took some time out from playing games to talk about playing games.

Check out Carnagecast 52, where Robert and Matt lay out how Penny Press plays, its journey from kernel of an idea to polished product and their experiences competing in the Tabletop Deathmatch design contest.

Reminder: MEGA Meltdown

Settlers of Catan board.

Here’s a reminder for gamers in Vermont: The Green Mountain Gamers will host their annual Spring Meltdown game day, this coming weekend, on April 12th and 13th at the Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee, Vermont. Entry will be $10 if you preregister, $10.50 if you preregister via credit card with paypal (see here) and $15 at the door.

Here’s the rough schedule of games:

  • Netrunner tournament – 1:00pm
  • Magic the Gathering with 802MTG
  • D&D, 4th Edition, Eberron – ~3:00pm

There’ll be other games running throughout the day, however. There’s also going to be teaching sessions, starting at 9:15am:

  • Concordia run by GM Rodney Sheldon
  • Euphoria run by GM Bethany Creaser – this is a Play and Win game!!
  • Chrononauts run by GM Chuck Burkins – this is a Play and Win game!!
  • Mice and Mystics run by GM Gordon Spaeth.
  • Hegemonic run by GM Alex Clay – this is a Play and Win game!


In addition to the usual potluck mix of games people bring, MEGA Meltdown offers the Play and Win library for the first time, populated with games donated by publishers, which will be raffled off to people who play them during the day. Here’s some of the prizes:

A silent auction of donated games and more will raise funds to be donated to the Vermont Foodbank, as well. Here’s what’s up for bidding:

To find out more about the MEGA Meltdown and the Green Mountain Gamers, you can visit their website.

Companions of the Firmament’s Final Stretch Goals

Companions of the Firmament art. Used with permission.

Companions of the Firmament art. Used with permission.

With Geek Industrial Complex’s Companions of the Firmament in its final hours of fundraising, designer Neil Carr has created some interesting new stretch goals to round out the month-long campaign.

In particular, if the Kickstarter reaches 110 backers — it’s currently up to 96 at the time of writing — Geek Industrial Complex will make “an adventure that would use many different elements of CotF to help illustrate their use in play and inject players into a decidedly aerial environment” available to backers of the Wingmate level and higher, essentially everyone who receives a PDF or more as a reward. This goal comes from Neil’s analysis of previous kickstarted RPGs, where the median number of backers on a successful campaign is 110.

Companions of the Firmament is also very close to unlocking still more sheets for flying monsters, allowing GMs to more easily incorporate existing Pathfinder creatures into the supplement’s ruleset expansion.

Finally, Neil promises, “I’ll put out one last update at that final hour of the campaign (10:30 EDT) so keep a lookout for it. I want to add some drama to the last few moments of the campaign :)” Can’t wait to see what he’s got cooked up!

Carnage Noir Update from Carnagecast

This week on Carnagecast, the crew has the latest word on what’s in the works for Carnage, the annual gaming convention held in the Vermont side of the Upper Valley at the Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee.

Topics of note include the looming deadline for people wishing to get their scheduled games listed in the convention book, what’s already on deck for board games, collectible card games, miniatures and role-playing games, and some discussion of this year’s noir theme and how GMs might take advantage of it.

Carnage Noir happens November 2nd through the 4th in Fairlee, Vermont. Carnagecast releases new episodes alternating Mondays.

Geek Industrial Complex on Carnagecast

Companions of the Firmament art. Used with permission.

Companions of the Firmament art. Used with permission.

Neil Carr of Geek Industrial Complex appears on Carnagecast this week to talk about his current project on Kickstarter, Companions of the Firmament, as well as his experiences so far with crowdfunding.

Geek Industrial Complex is a new role-playing game publisher based in Barre. Companions of the Firmament is their first product. Carnagecast is a podcast produced by the Carnage gaming convention, based in the Upper Valley of Vermont.

Give the episode a listen!