Adventurer’s Guild in Randolph Seeks Ready Souls

Just in from BoardGameGeek, the Vermont Tech Adventurer’s Guild meets Saturdays from noon until whenever — albeit stopping at midnight no matter what — in the Shape building on the VTC campus in Randolph Center.

While the meetup caters to the residential students at Vermont Tech, it’s an open event to the public. Games are available to play, as well as what people bring themselves.

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Reminder: Fall-loha Game Day Tomorrow in Burlington

A Game of Thrones board game. Photo by François Philipp.

A Game of Thrones board game. Photo by François Philipp.

Tomorrow in Burlington, Green Mountain Gamers host their annual autumnal tabletop game event, Fall-loha:

It’s time to say goodbye to summer and Aloha to fall! And what better way to do that than by playing games! So, bust out your favorite games and colorful cabana wear for a day of gaming.

Fall-loha runs 10:00am to 10:00pm at Christ the King School on Locust St in Burlington. That’s twelve hours of tabletop fun and it’s free, free, free![1]

[1] Donations gratefully accepted, of course.

Vermont Tabletop Gaming Round-up

A Game of Thrones board game. Photo by François Philipp.

A Game of Thrones board game. Photo by François Philipp.

There must be something in the weather, because new opportunities to get out, meet new people and play tabletop games are springing up all over the state. Let’s take a look at the state of play in open gaming events as it currently stands, divided up by regions of the state.

Central Vermont

Northeast Kingdom

  • Border Board Games meets monthly at the Derby Line village hall for an evening of friendly gaming, usually on the third Saturday.
  • Parker Pie in West Glover hosts a Tuesday night game gathering, according to a recent Facebook update from Green Mountain Gamers.

Northwestern Vermont

  • Bakuretsucon, Vermont’s anime convention, includes an open gaming space as part of the festivities.
  • Fall-loha is a Burlington area game day hosted by Green Mountain Gamers at some point in the fall.
  • Quarterstaff Games hosts themed game nights all week long in downtown Burlington. Area of focus include board games, Magic: The Gathering, Legend of the 5 Rings, other card games, Warhammer, Warmachine, Dungeons & Dragons and the Pathfinder Society living role-playing campaign.
  • Vermont Gaming Community is a new Facebook community based out of Winooski. They regularly host Magic and board game nights at the moment, with occasional LAN parties.
  • Westford Strategy Board Gaming meets periodically in the Westford area.

Southwestern Vermont

  • Gamers Grotto in Bennington has a full calendar of daily gaming activities. They cover tabletop and video games, with the analog focusing on MagicNaruto and Warhammer.


  • 802 MTG is a Facebook group serving as an access point for Magic players all around Vermont.
  • Green Mountain Gamers is an independent social network for Vermont gamers to meet each other and share news of what’s going on. They also host a series of game days around the state.
  • Tru Gaming VT connects players via events and Facebook.

Upper Valley

  • Carnage is an annual weekend convention of gaming, convening in Killington, Vermont in early November.
  • The Colatina Exit in Bradford sees the playing of board games every third Monday. The organizer advertises them via Facebook.
  • Fairlee Public Library‘s after school programming includes gaming on Thursdays. Tonight, May 24th, they’re experimenting with a evening board game night, too.
  • MEGA Spring Meltdown recently became the Green Mountain Gamers’ longest event, held at the Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee.[1]
  • Triple Play, a hop over the Connecticut River in West Lebanon, New Hampshire, offers in-store gaming most nights of the week, offering board games, miniatures, card games and more.

Have we missed something? Let us know in the comments.

[1] Green Mountain Gamers also host two game days that float around Vermont. Visit their website for details.

Mega Spring Meltdown Offers More Than Ever Before

Green Mountain Gamers updated the event listing for Mega Spring Meltdown yesterday. As it currently stands:

  • Warmachine/Hordes tournament – 35pt Warmachine/Hordes tournament, two lists required. Character restriction applies. No reinforcements or specialists will be used. The top 3 players will win Steamroller coins, and anyone who plays at least one fully painted list will be entered into a drawing for a special prize. Registration begins at 10am, and the tournament starts at 11am sharp. Prize support provided by Triple Play Games.
  • RPG “Extinction” – Call of Cthulhu – 9AM to 5PM – 6 Players – GM James Davenport -”You fight back nausea as you push yourself slowly up to your knees. What happened? Just as you were achieving a victory against horror you are pulled…ripped…to here… The hairs on the back of your neck bristle with danger. This place. It’s not like anyplace on earth. Or is it?”Extinction is a Call of Cthulhu adventure designed with a continuing “revolving door” concept in which players can play for however long they choose, drop out, and even return later to an open seat. The entire game will run for 8 hours (with breaks). No experience is necessary. Summary game information and characters will be provided. Recommended for mature role-players.
  • Netrunner tournament – 1:00PM – Event format: Aiming at a swiss 3 rounds with a final showdown between the top 2. Will adjust according to the number of participants, if needed.FFG tournament rules 1.1 will be applied. Deck format: multiple core sets and all datapacks up to “A study in static” will be allowed. April’s datapack “Humanity’s shadow” will be allowed only if released earlier than April 20th giving at least a complete week for the players to adjust their decks. Cost: free, but must have paid the convention registration fees. Prizes: A total of $50 in gift certificates to winner’s choice of our main FLGS: Triple Play, Book Garden or Quarterstaff… $25 for the winner and a random $25 between the participants that cannot be won by the winner.

Additionally, there is the silent auction as previously reported, with donated board games and a special, one of a kind Doctor Who bag crafted by Green Mountain Gamers’ own Bethany Creaser. A preview picture of the bag — lining to be added — has gone up on the Mega Spring Meltdown Facebook event page, so go head over there to check that out and RSVP to the big day.

Mega Spring Meltdown runs from 10:00am to midnight on Saturday, April 27th at the Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee, Vermont. Tickets are $10.50 in advance via Paypal and $15 at the door. Read more about the day’s doings at the Green Mountain Gamers web site.

Board Game Monkey Shines in Derby Line

After their monthly get-together at the Derby Line village hall, Border Board Games updated their blog with a session report for the evening’s board game highlights. Titles that hit the table include: Battlestar Galactica: the Board Game, Spin Monkeys, Tammany Hall, Sentinels of the Multiverse and Dominion.

Here’s how Tammany Hall played out:

As was the case in our previous experience, Dennis and Homer quickly struck a devil’s bargain.  Slippery Dennis was elected the first Mayor of New York only to face slander from every direction over the corruption of the worst police chief the city has ever seen (Homer).  Tricky Dick served the next two terms as mayor despite a steadily eroding voter base, swinging a deal with Slandering Sue.

Once again, however, clean campaigning and skillful manipulation of immigrant populations helped the winner, Honest Tim, surge ahead at the polls and in the hearts of the Irish and Italians alike.  Clearly the protestants were not his power base.  despite having lingered in the back throughout much of the game both Tim and Sue rode waves of popularity to surge ahead of the embattled Tammany Hall veterans.  Sue’s surge fell just shy but did enable her to go from a distant fifth to second place behind Tim’s impressive victory.

Border Board Games hosts monthly Saturday game nights at the Derby Line village hall. Visit their website for information on upcoming dates and the ever-growing game library.

The Better Board Game Needs Character

Following the first steps laid down last week, Tim and Ray continue designing the better board game. It’ll be the kind of game in which each player controls a unique character in their as-yet undisclosed premise:

there’s going to be 4 types of characters, each one specializing in a particular niche in game combat.  We want there to be some unique aspects to each of the four “classes” we’ve made, and there’ll also be some sort of item use restrictions to each of them (more on that in a later post).  We also decided there’ll be an equal amount of male and female characters.  Being longtime con-goers, we’ve both seen how under-represented women are in these games (especially considering how many girl gamers we both personally know), and we want to give them equal footing.

The designers’ next homework assignment is to begin development on maps for the game, with the directive to “create a natural-feeling narrative through a story that is impacted by decisions the players make, and hopefully make for a lot of potential replay value.”

[Via Green Mountain Geek.]

International TableTop Day in Vermont

TableTopDay_520x260Wil Wheaton, host and producer of the web series TableTop — wherein Wil and friends demonstrate tabletop games in an amusing fashion — recently announced International TableTop Day, dedicating March 30th as a day for people to play more games. Felicia Day explains in a short video.

TableTop Day events are cropping up across Vermont, in public places and private homes. As Geek Mountain State gets word of public events, we’ll add them here. Want to share your TableTop event? Leave a comment below.

TableTop Day 2013 Vermont Locations

New Triple Play Board Game Challenge Dates Announced

West Lebanon, New Hampshire game store Triple Play announced three more dates in their board game challenge series:

  • Small World on Saturday, May 18, 2013
  • Stone Age on Saturday, June 22, 2013
  • Power Grid on Saturday, July 13, 2013

Additionally, the Dominion tourney is coming up on March 16th.

Newcomers can jump in at any time to start racking up points in pursuit of the title of premiere board game player.

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Green Mountain Geeks Design a Better Board Game

Tim, the Green Mountain Geek, and his roommate Ray are combining their overweening geek prowess to design a board game:

 . . . we have a big idea for a big, new board game.  Based around pre-made characters with special abilities (like Arkham Horror), working together to try and beat the game (like Pandemic), random loot in each stage of the game (like Munchkin), and trying to survive a zombie apocalypse (like, well, Zombies).  We needed a hook though.  Something that made it cheap, easy to set up, and cheap to put together to keep the price point down, and made it different from the pack.

To which Ray said, “What about :CENSORED:?”  And an idea was born.

So here we are…  We’ve come up with basic game mechanics, and have started working on character ideas.  We want to set this up with 6 pre-made male and 6 pre-made female characters.  I won’t get into details until we’ve gotten some ideas more fleshed out, but to say we’re both excited is a fucking understatement.

A single board game that rings as many different bells as Tim describes sounds very cool indeed. We’ll be watching with interest and fingers crossed for a print ‘n play open beta test.

[Via Green Mountain Geek.]

Mega Spring Meltdown Mega-fied

Green Mountain Gamers posted updates this morning expanding the fun at their Mega Spring Meltdown game day, held April 27th at the Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee:

Silent Auction to Benefit the Vermont Foodbank

Event-goers have the opportunity to bid silently on games and game-related accessories to benefit the Vermont Foodbank. Current items for bidding include shiny new games donated by Cool Stuff Inc., Eagle/Gryphon Games and Fantasy Flight Games, plus a “handmade Doctor Who bag” from organizer Bethany Creaser. Green Mountain Gamers is also accepting donations

Every $25 raised provides 150 meals to hungry Vermonters. Bid early and often!

Mega Minis Tournament

Triple Play will host a 35 point Warmachine / Hordes tournament. Players fielding fully painted armies enter a drawing for a special prize, in addition to the top three players winning Steamroller coins. For full details, visit the Mega Spring Meltdown page.

Abyss of Insanity

Area game designer Nik Palmer plans to run his newly published role-playing adventure, Abyss of Insanity, in which the collapse of an antarctic ice shelf triggers an expedition into unknown frozen depths.

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