Week in Geek

It’s been a busy week this week! Here’s what’s been popular in the last couple of days:

You guys like dinosaurs. Tomorrow, A T. Rex Named Sue, Coming to the Montshire Museum. Sue’s one of the best known T-Rex fossils out there. While this isn’t the real Sue (it’s a replica), it’s still very, very awesome to see an exhibit like this come to Vermont. I know I’m excited to see her in person!

We announced our next Book Club earlier this week: GMS Book Club: Leviathan Wakes. This is an excellent SF novel, and we’ll be chatting about it on June 5th in Shelburne. Come out and geek out with us!

The Tilt Classic Arcade and Ale House to Open in South Burlington was popular, and they’re going to be opening up soon. Stay tuned for more news. 

Net Neutrality has been in the headlines this week, and we had a short announcement about a VPR Vermont Edition: What Does A Neutral Internet Look Like chat. Give it a listen. 

Don’t forget that tonight at Barnes and Noble, Moira Young will be talking about her latest YA novel, Raging Star.

Finally, it looks like the Savoy Theater of Montpelier has not one but two SF films screening now. What’s the world coming to? 

Have a good weekend!

The Week In Geek

It’s Friday! Here’s the top posts from the past week:

The Ledges of Deer Leap in Bristol

The Man in the Woods, by Shirley Jackson appeared in The New Yorker, and it seems to have been popular with readers. It’s an interesting story. We’re guessing that Jackson might have liked Obscure Vermont: Of Mountains and Men, which does a great job looking at interesting places around Vermont. 

New Game Store: Black Moon Games has now opened in Lebanon, NH, filling the void left when Triple Play Games relocated. On the other side of the state, Vermont Events for Free Comic Book Day was big last weekend. 

A new game, The Wild: Coming from Toonuva Games is set to come out soon. This looks like it’ll be a hit for the VT-Based game company. 

Finally, we asked you the following question: What are you reading? Well, what are you reading? 


Week in Geek

Here’s what’s been popular this week.

One of Vermont’s best known horror authors has a new story out in the New Yorker: The Man in the Woods, by Shirley Jackson is a creepy tale published decades after her death. It’s nice to see that there’s some new work from her, and we previously talked about a forthcoming collection coming from her, although that doesn’t seem to be horror stories.


Gravity, by Jason Chin was released earlier this week, and it’s a beautiful book that we wholeheartedly recommend if you have kids (or even if you don’t!). We interviewed him as well, and if you like what you see / read, he’ll be at Phoenix Books in Burlington tomorrow at 2:00pm.

Jodorowsky’s Dune: Coming Soon to Vermont. This documentary follows the would-be adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel Dune. It looks like it would have been a movie that was completely bonkers, and sadly, it never was made due to cost overruns. The documentary is listed on a couple of Vermont theater websites. According to the film’s website, the Merrill Roxy should be getting it on May 9th, and the Savoy in Montpelier is slated to get it on May 30th.

Sci Fi Fantasy Book Club Leviathan

We’re starting up a book club! Our first meeting was earlier this week, which went off well, and our next meeting will take place on June 5th. Our book for June will be Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey.

In a purely self-serving plug: I’ve published my first short story with Galaxy’s Edge Magazine! Read the story here.

Finally, Free Comic Book Day is almost upon us! Like comics? Like free comics? (who doesn’t?) Stop by one of these locations tomorrow Vermont Events for Free Comic Book Day.

The Week in Geek

I missed this on Friday due to a busy work week, but we got a bit of a boost from Seven Days yesterday with The 3-Day Geekend @ Espresso Bueno. Currently running in Barre. Stop on by today!

One of our projects that we’ve started up is a look at what we have for gaming and comic resources in the state with Taking Stock: Vermont Comic & Game Shops. We’ve had some very helpful comments that have allowed us to cross some places off the list, and discover some new places! We’re hoping to put together a comprehensive directory of comic, gaming and book stores soon.

Vermont’s best-known Horrow author has a new story coming out: The Man in the Woods, by Shirley Jackson, over on The New Yorker. It’s a dark read.

Another major project that we’re standing up is the GeekMtnState Book Club, which we announced at the Vermont SF Writer’s Series reading event last weekend. We’re starting with The Martian on May 1st in Shelburne. Come on by!

The Week in Geek

This week’s top stories around the state. It’s been a relatively quiet week.


The biggest news came late last week: South Burlington Writer Lands SyFy Show with The Expanse. This is pretty awesome news: The Expanse series is pretty damn awesome, and it’s really cool to see that Hawk Ostby is the head writer for the show. Stay tuned: we’ll keep an eye on this and post up news as it happens. In the meantime, go pick up the books.

Speaking of books, Nate Herzog has a StoryHack Invitation: The Future of The Book. Record a video of yourself reading a book in the future, thinking about how books will change in the coming years. This should be fun.

Vermont Comic Con is still attracting attention, although there’s no news on the planning, other than it looks as though The Gamers Grotto of Bennington is sponsoring it. Quarterstaff wasn’t available?

Like showing off your geekiness while driving? Pick up a 802MTG Decal.

Bombadil and Other Middle-earth Mysteries: 11th Annual Tolkien in Vermont Conference Schedule was popular, although the conference was last weekend. Read our recap here. Interested in another conference? The 120th Annual Vermont Library Conference just opened up registration.

Interested in teaching reading to adult learning? The Vermont Adult Learning is hiring a Literary Specialist in Burlington.

In political news, the Vermont Senate votes to label GMO foods.

The graduating seniors of the game design program at Champlain College put the fruits of their labors on exhibition for the next two weeks at ArtsRiot.

Finally: this weekend, we’ll be holding our next entry in the Vermont SF Writer’s Series. Come out to Cold Mountain Stories tomorrow at 4:00pm at Quarterstaff Games to hear Pat Esden, Paul Hobden, Daniel Mills, Erika Nichols, Aimee Picchi and Brian Staveley read!



Week in Geek

Continuing from last week, here’s what’s been popular throughout the last week.

This weekend’s Tolkien Conference attracted a lot of attention. UVM will be hosting the Bombadil and Other Middle-earth Mysteries: 11th Annual Tolkien in Vermont Conference and everyone wanted to know what the schedule was. It looks like it’ll be a fun conference, and I’m excited to present. Here’s the list of specific times.

Our upcoming reading, Geek Mountain State Presents Cold Mountain Stories: A Night of the Fantastic remains a popular topic, and it’s only a week away! RSVP here if you haven’t already

We did a bit more outreach recently about the site, and as a result, our About page got a lot of hits. If you’re new to the site, welcome! I’m guessing this is why Contact, Contributing & Tips was popular as well. We’re always looking for people to do guest posts, so if you’re interested, feel free and let us know.

Last week, Norwich hosted their latest Todd Lecture: Rachel Armstrong “Icological Cities” Rachel  tweeted our link, and it seems to have gotten a bit of attention from her. Sadly, it doesn’t appear that there’s an archived video of her talk.

Rutland has always been popular with Marvel comics, and in a comic this week, Peter Parker Swings By Vermont

Earlier this week, we also posted up our next video from our first Vermont SF Writer’s Series, Strange as Night, Dark as Fiction #2: Daniel Mills. We’ve got a couple of more in the pipeline!

Finally, Vermont Comic Con is still popular. There’s no noteworthy news on that front at the moment, but presumably, there will be some in the near future.

Have a good weekend!


Week in Geek

We’re going to try something over here, a retrospective on the week, based on the major topics we’ve talked about, with a bit of commentary.

Vermont Comic Con – Word that Vermont was getting its very own Comic Con in Burlington has been huge this week, as has our look at Vermont’s history of conventions in The Vermont Convention Scene. Word of Vermont Comic Con has gotten a number of fans excited on Facebook and Twitter, and it’s easy to see why: neighboring Comic Cons in Boston and Manchester have grown in recent years, and it’s not uncommon to see fans from Vermont in the walkways or behind tables.

We’re cautiously optimistic for this one. On one hand, it’s the first time that this event will be run (although it’s not the first comic con in Vermont, despite the organizer’s claims.) and they’re in a huge space. Hopefully, they’ll attract a good number of people, and it’ll become a center point for people who follow GMS. We’ll likely be there, although exactly how we’ll be there is up in the air.


Geek Mountain State Presents Cold Mountain Stories: A Night of the Fantastic was announced earlier this week, our fourth entry in the Vermont Science Fiction Writer’s Series. We’re pretty excited for this one (as we are for all of them), because we’ve got a really strong lineup of authors. We’ve also started releasing video footage from the first event in the series, Strange as Night, Dark as Fiction #1: F. Brett Cox. We’ve got more footage that’ll come out over the course of April and a new installment will come out next week. Our next reading will take place on April 19th at Quarterstaff Games in Burlington.


This weekend marks International Tabletop Day 2014 in Vermont, and there’s a variety of events taking place across the state with places in Burlington, Danby, Fairlee, and Winooski holding official events.

Lovecraft in Windham County! was also popular this week. The aforementioned F. Brett Cox is talking about famed horror author H.P. Lovecraft at the Rockingham Free Library next Thursday. We attended another talk by him last month in Montpelier, and it was a pretty interesting one. If you’re in the area, check it out. We’ll have a reminder next week.

Second Life for Triple Play Games! Triple Play Games is frequently on our Geek Things event list each morning, and we were pretty sad that the store was closing up shop in Lebanon in March, but excited to hear that they found a new home. They’re opening up again today. Gamers in Lebanon, you won’t be without a gaming store for long: Black Moon Games is moving in.

And finally, weirdly, our 2011 post on Fossil Hunting in Vermont was popular this week. Happy hunting, but you might want to wait until the snow vanishes, which should happen … someday.


That’s what’s been popular this week – what news were you most happy with?