Kickstart This: The Lucid Filter — An Urban Fantasy Series

Burlington-based writer/director Joshua Miner recently launched a Kickstarter for an urban fantasy webseries series called The Lucid Filter. He’s looking to raise $6,000 in the next 23 days.

The initial project will be for a 30 minute pilot episode, described as a ghost-hunting type show.

A group of college students wield arcane powers in a struggle to protect their sleepy New England town from demon-summoning occultists and eldritch horrors.  Serial entrepreneur Becky Carter founded the Paranormal Research and Containment Society, along with a reality-style web show called “The Lucid Filter”.  The web show is styled after typical ghost hunting / paranormal investigation shows, with the added feature of it including actual paranormal events mixed in with staged hauntings.

Backer tiers begin at $5 for a download of the pilot episode, going all the way up to $2,500 for executive producer privileges.