Kickstart This: Handmade Foam Dungeon Tiles

Need some additional items for your upcoming roleplaying game? A new Kickstarter project is selling handmade foam dungeon tiles. They’re looking to raise $500, with 11 days to go.

These handcrafted dungeon tiles are made out of a type of foam known as Extruded Polystyrene, also called XPS foam. The XPS foam is carved by hand to include intricate designs for cracked stonework in order to simulate stone flooring that would be found in a dungeon. Once the design has been carved into the foam, it is also textured to give an stony appearance. Once the weathered stonework design has been carved into the foam, and the stone texture has been applied, it is then given a coat of a sealer to protect the foam and to make it more durable. After the sealer is applied, the protected foam is now hand painted to mimic the appearance of stone, resulting in the final product.

For $5, you can get five tiles, and $25 will get you 30.