Watch a new trailer for On the Trail of… Champ

This summer, a film team called Small Town Monsters is releasing a short documentary series, On the Trail of… Champ.

Here’s the description:

“Champ” marks the beginning of the new, ongoing series from Small Town Monsters titled “On the trail of…” and will be followed up in 2019 with a massive search across the Eastern United States for the legendary being called Bigfoot. On the Trail of… Champ will premiere on DVD and the VIDI Space streaming platform on June 15th before heading to Amazon in July. VIDI Space ( is a new online network founded by Nick Groff (“Paranormal Lockdown” / “Ghost Adventures”), Elizabeth Saint (“Ghosts of Shepherdstown”), and Justin Narragon featuring paranormal and supernatural content. The mini-series will make it’s debut under VIDI Space’s new Cryptid.Space.

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