Amy J. Murphy’s Allies and Enemies: Exiles is now available!


We’ve written about Amy J. Murphy a couple of times in the recent past: she published her debut, Fallenthrough Kindle Scout a while back, (which was nominated for a Dragon Award), and the second installment of the series came out last year, Rogues. Now, you can pick up the third installment of the trilogy!

The new book is Allies and Enemies: Exiles, and according to Murphy, it wraps up the trilogy, although she’s pondering a fourth installment at some point. Here’s what it’s about:

How would you like to start a war?

Ironvale. Splitdawn. Poisoncry. Three bloodthirsty guilds that control the decaying corner of space known as the Reaches. Their precarious balance of power exists at a tipping point.

One nudge and chaos reigns.

Renegade soldier, Sela Tyron, is willing to supply that nudge to help her partner, Jon Veradin, rescue his nuisance sister, Erelah. Even if it means trusting the traitorous Asher Corsair. Or turning herself into an assassin.

You can pick the book up on Kindle now, and Murphy noted that a paperback edition is coming out soon. Along with it will be a boxed set of all three novels, with some additional, exclusive content.