How the Star Trek Anthology teleported into a new universe

Photo: Ken Picard

Over on Seven Days, Ken Picard has an interesting story about Jim Bray and a short internet film that he’s been working on, The Outer Rim. The project was originally a Star Trek fan film project, until a major legal hiccup occurred last year: Paramount sued another fanfilm production, and instituted strict new rules about future fanfilm projects. Bray had to drastically shift gears.

As Bray explains, their new universe is akin to those found in the films Aliens and Starship Troopers. Corporations own and operate the government, and space travel is driven more by resource acquisition than Roddenberry’s nobler themes of scientific exploration and peaceful interspecies coexistence.

The pilot episode of “The Outer Rim,” titled “Rift,” tells the story of a ragtag crew of five planetary surveyors on the last leg of a yearlong mission. Bray describes them as contractors “like Blackwater, only without the evil.”

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