Crowdfund this: Vermont Gaming Lounge

VR is on the rise with new devices like the Playstation VR or Oculus Rift, and a couple of enterprising gamers are looking to open a VR lounge in Burlington.

VGL will be Vermont’s premier place for virtual reality.  Hosting two treadmill apparatus’ equipped with the HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset, We will be able to offer the most immersive experience available to date.  The company consists of two brothers, Jamie Danaher and Adam Fletcher, equal partners, who have gamed since they could hold a controller.  We have a combined experience of 20 years in PC repair, 10 years of Web Design and Marketing, and 50 years of gaming experience.

Vermont Gaming Lounge will be more  than a place to try out VR.  We specifically put “lounge” in the name because we want people to come and hang out.  As much as we are a store, we desire to be so much more.  Developing talent in gamers, helping them get sponsored,  and hosting local tournaments, will be key tenets of our store.

 The crew is launching their project on Indigogo, with a $6,000. $10 gets you some rental time. Back it here!