Chaos in the Valley – Canceled

The last couple of years, a Micro-Con has been held in Danby called Chaos in the Valley. The two-day event was a gathering of games and was to be held between April 28-30, 2107. The con has now been cancelled, according to its organizer, Cathy Preble.

Preble noted that the change comes after she was let go from the event’s venue, the Hartness House, but that she’s currently looking for another space to hold the event. In the meantime, all attendees have had their registrations refunded.

She did note that the event will continue in some form. “We are fully planning on holding Chaos in the Valley in 2018 in Springfield. This week, besides looking for work, I will be exploring other locations in the area. The Springfield area has lots of gamers, and a tabletop and boardgame convention is just what the area needs.”