Kickstart This: 3D Settlers of Catan Resource Hexes

This is a really cool Kickstarter Project for those of you who like Settlers of Catan. Justin Gonyea has created a series of laser-cut pieces for Settlers of Catan that allow players to add some additional terrain to their game.

Three dimensional resource hexes for your Catan game! Designed for maximum fun and playability, these laser cut wooden pieces will take your game experience to the next dimension, literally!

The pieces are made out of birch, and allow players to add on forests, deserts, fields, and other features that enhance the game. Gonyea has taken to Kickstarter to fund his project, and he’s already surpassed his goal of $1,000. Backers can get a set for $40, which gets them a set of 100 pieces.

Back it here.