Green Mountain Squad: Official


The 501st Legion now has a regular presence here in the state of Vermont: the Green Mountain Squad was officially approved earlier today!

From their Facebook page:

I’m proud to announce the official end of the Green Mountain Squad of the New England Garrison’s probationary status, and their incorporation as an official operational unit of the 501st Legion!

I’m exceptionally impressed by the growth I’ve seen in Vermont over the past six months. In addition to the six new members from the Squad formation (bringing their numbers to 20), they’ve gained another dozen recruits in the process of building a variety of costumes. They’ve had nearly two-dozen successful events, including a convention and minor-league ballgame, and have a very grass-roots approach to building positive relationships within the community. They’re a shining example of what can be built with a small, motivated team.

I’m eager to see what comes next for the Green Mountain Squad; Congratulations, everyone!

Erich Shafer, Commanding Officer
501st New England Garrison, proud unit of The 501st Legion

You can follow along with the group here: