It’s Last Call for South Burlington’s Tilt Classic Arcade and Ale

Here’s some sad news: South Burlington’s Tilt Classic Arcade & Ale House will be closing on July 2nd. The news arrived via their Facebook page, stating that their journey is coming to its end.

The closure comes just a couple of months after another Arcade Bar, The Archives, opened in downtown Burlington.

The statement doesn’t give an exact reason for the closure, but there have been some rumors of internal disagreements over the future and style of the pub, rather than financial difficulties. It sounds as though there are some preliminary plans to resurrect the concept in the same location: hopefully, they’ll be able to keep the doors open in the future. We’ve spent many good evenings in their company.

The pub is set to close on July 2nd.

2 thoughts on “It’s Last Call for South Burlington’s Tilt Classic Arcade and Ale

  1. A couple of weeks ago at my job I was making some copies for a real estate agent, and I couldn’t help but notice that they were for Tilt. He said that their lease is almost up, and there was some internal disagreements between the two owners on where to take Tilt in the future. One owner wanted to buy out the other, and move away from expensive locally resourced food to more traditional (cheaper) pub food. The other I guess just assume let Tilt close rather than let that happen.

    I know the locally sourced food is what kept some people going back to Tilt, but I think prices associated with that type of food is what kept more people from coming back more frequently as well. I always wanted to become a regular at Tilt but I just couldn’t afford to go more than once in a while. I think a lot of people felt the same way and would gladly have gone more if the food was cheaper, even if that meant it wasn’t locally sourced.

    • Yeah, that’s sort of what I’ve been hearing.

      I think that there’s a novelty aspect to the bar that sort of wears off, especially if you don’t rotate out your games on a regular basis, which they really didn’t do. It’s good for a couple of drinks, but as a casual patron, I sort of fell out of the desire to head over there.

      I do think that a slightly cheaper menu would go a long way – it wasn’t prohibitive to go, but like you said, it’s not a place to go regularly.

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