Cover Reveal for Kristin Dearborn’s Stolen Away

Kristin Dearborn’s novel Stolen Away came out in a limited limited edition last year, but now, it’s coming to the masses courtesy of Raw Dog Screaming Press!

The company just revealed the new cover for the book:


Here’s the plot description:

Trisha will admit she’s made a few mistakes in her life but that checkered past is behind her. She loves her kids, even if it’s tough being a single mom. But her loyalties are put to the test when her infant son disappears in the middle of the night, and his big sister says a monster took him.

Now Trisha has to face the full truth behind the one-night-stand that produced Brayden in all its scaly torridness—Brayden’s father wasn’t human and isn’t interested in sharing custody. However, even though DEMON  has pulled this stunt many times before, he made a mistake when he chose Trisha. The one thing she won’t do is give up her son without a fight. Along with her ex-boyfriend, Joel, Trisha is dragged back into the seedy underworld in a desperate fight to reclaim her son, only this time she’s got a lot more to lose.

You can now preorder the book here – it’ll be released on June 24th.