Next Week! Bear Pond Books Hosts Brian Staveley and Elizabeth Bonesteel!



Next week, Bear Pond Books will host authors Brian Staveley and Elizabeth Bonesteel to read from their latest books, and to chat about writing science fiction and fantasy literature! The event will take place on April 12th at 7:00 pm in Montpelier.

You can RSVP for the event here.

Elizabeth Bonesteel’s debut novel is The Cold Between:

When her crewmate, Danny, is murdered on the colony of Volhynia, Central Corps chief engineer, Commander Elena Shaw, is shocked to learn the main suspect is her lover, Treiko Zajec. She knows Trey is innocent—he was with her when Danny was killed. So who is the real killer and why are the cops framing an innocent man?

Retracing Danny’s last hours, they discover that his death may be tied to a mystery from the past: the explosion of a Central Corps starship at a wormhole near Volhynia. For twenty-five years, the Central Gov has been lying about the tragedy, even willing to go to war with the outlaw PSI to protect their secrets.

With the authorities closing in, Elena and Trey head to the wormhole, certain they’ll find answers on the other side. But the truth that awaits them is far more terrifying than they ever imagined . . . a conspiracy deep within Central Gov that threatens all of human civilization throughout the inhabited reaches of the galaxy—and beyond.

Brian Staveley’s The Last Mortal Bonds concludes his Unhewn Throne trilogy.

The ancient csestriim are back to finish their purge of humanity; armies march against the capital; leaches, solitary beings who draw power from the natural world to fuel their extraordinary abilities, maneuver on all sides to affect the outcome of the war; and capricious gods walk the earth in human guise with agendas of their own.

But the three imperial siblings at the heart of it all–Valyn, Adare, and Kaden–come to understand that even if they survive the holocaust unleashed on their world, there may be no reconciling their conflicting visions of the future.

Both books are fantastic, and I can’t wait to hear what these authors have to say. I hope that you’re able to come! We’ll have some drinks and refreshments at the store.