Barre’s Harry & Lloyds Profiled in the Times Argus

This is pretty cool: Barre’s vintage gaming store Harry & Lloyds has been profiled in the Times Argus:

Seth Greaves, the owner of Harry & Lloyd’s in Barre, didn’t stumble upon a suitcase full of cash like the imbecilic lead characters in the movie “Dumb and Dumber,” who Greaves named his video, games, and electronics store after. He’s no dummy, either. He’s cashing in on a technology that some thought would be left behind and forgotten by now.

Greaves is making a living in his tiny store at 27 Granite Street on a trend that has permeated many aspects of modern consumerism: the passion for “vintage.” His niche, however, is specializing in selling vintage video game consoles and the games that go with them.

Greaves moved to Barre in 2007 after working for years at Hollywood Video in South Burlington and opened Harry & Lloyd’s two years ago. He knew he was onto something — when so many used items came into the store through trade-ins or store credit, he soon had to rent a storage unit after his wife laid down the law about storing the stuff at home.

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