An Update On Masks And Furries On Church Street

Last year, Seven Days wrote about how Church Street was cracking down on masked performers, specifically booting a bunch of costumers out of an event that they were taking part in.

Now, they’ve provided an update on the situation:

The Church Street Marketplace updated its process for permitting street performers, and, as a result, it’s a lot harder to make the cut. In the past, “99 percent” of applicants got approved; now, just 40 percent.

Nonetheless, Redmond said the Vermont Furs would likely pass muster.

Why haven’t they auditioned?

The marketplace also upped the price of permits. The group of 12 would have to pay $540 for a one-year permit, which would cover background checks and administrative costs. That’s not feasible for the Vermont Furs, who entertain for free, Owens said.

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Image credit: Matthew Thorsen