Make A Wish Makes One Comic Fan’s Dream Come True

Here’s your ‘awe!’ moment of the day: the Make A Wish Foundation helped out one Burlington teenager realize his dream of becoming a comic book artist.

WCAX has the story, video and some pictures:

“First, I actually went to New York City and met with the people at Marvel and gave them my ideas and they gave me their ideas about it. And then a little while later I got a first draft and all the art and the script and could review it and edit it,” Eli said.

Eli’s mom says this is truly a wish come true for this young man, who was first diagnosed with a rare disease when he was just 2.

“It’s called Langerhans cell histiocystosis,” Erin Simon explained. “It is a very rare blood disorder. It is called an orphan disease because it strikes so few children it’s really unstudied. So it can be very difficult to treat and cure.”

Eli is feeling better, but this was the day when he would see the finished comic book– a superhero signing party.

Read the full story on WCAX.