Daniel Mills Announces Sale to ChiZine Publications!


We’ve long been fans of Daniel Mills’ fiction, and we’re excited to learn that he’s sold his latest book, Moriah, Vermont, to ChiZine Publications.

From his Facebook Page:

Contract signed & delighted to announce my second novel will be released in 2017 by ChiZine Publications. MORIAH, VERMONT (tentative title) is a tightly-wound skein of a book concerned with questions of faith, doubt, madness, and grief in the wake of the American Civil War. There are ministers and mediums, isolated villages, decrepit houses, and a cast of men and women damaged (perhaps) beyond repair. More information to follow, but for now, I will just say I am immensely excited to be working with Sandra Kasturi and Brett Savory and thrilled to be joining so many friends at CZP.

Dan has been telling me about this book for a while now, and I’m really excited to see that it’s hit a good home. CZP has been publishing some really exciting weird horror books in the last couple of years, and it’ll be awesome to see him join their lineup.