Kat Wright’s Star Wars Halloween Concert

Seven Days reported on this: Kat Wright will be holding a Star Wars concert tonight!

Fittingly, Wright will be dressed as Princess Leia — in a costume sewn by her mother, no less. And the rest of the band will be similarly decked out in Star Wars regalia, including Storm Troopers and robots. We have no other inside info here, but guitarist Bob Wagner pretty much has to be Chewbacca, right?

But the schtick goes beyond costuming. Wright informs us that the band has been dutifully learning music from the film’s John Williams-penned score, including the music from the cantina scene, the opening theme and, as evidenced by a rehearsal video Wright posted to the show’s Facebook event page, “The Imperial March.” Saxophonist Jake Whitesell charted all of the tunes for the band. No word on whether he worked up a rendition of this, though.

The show will kick off tomorrow night at Nectars at 9:00pm.