Geek Mountain State Presents: Vermont Steampunk Tales!

Geek Mountain State is pleased to announce the next installment of the Vermont SF Writer’s Series: Vermont Steampunk Tales!, which will take place on Saturday, September 12th at the Springfield Steampunk Festival. The reading will be in the Hartness House’s Victorian Room, and will run from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. Authors included in this event are Elizabeth Bear, Brett Cox, Jennifer Eifrig, Bruce Hesselbach, AmyBeth Inverness and Daniel Mills.

This event follows a very successful year in which hundreds of listeners listened to dozens of Vermont storytellers in places such as The Center for Cartoon Studies, Phoenix Books, The Fletcher Free Library and the headquarters for the Burlington Writer’s Workshop.

Here’s our readers for this event:

Elizabeth Bear was the recipient of the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer in 2005. She has won two Hugo Awards for her short fiction, a Sturgeon Award, and the Locus Award for Best First Novel. She is the author of the acclaimed Eternal Sky series. Bear lives in Brookfield, Massachusetts.

F. Brett Cox‘s fiction, poetry, essays and reviews have appeared in numerous publications. With Andy Duncan, he co-edited the anthology Crossroads: Tales of the Southern Literary Fantastic (Tor, 2004), and appears in War Stories: New Military Science Fiction. A native of North Carolina, he is Associate Professor of English at Norwich University.

 Jen Eifrig, known to anachronauts in the steampunk dimension as Evelyn Grimwood, is an agent and corporate historian for the Atlantic Alliance of Chronometric Transportation & Regulation. She transcribes excerpts from her personal logbook into works of fiction, including “The Time-Bomb” (Prof. Dobbs Primer of the Extraordinary, 2013), “The Stowaway” (A Turn of the Wheel, Cogwheel Press, 2013), “The God’s Return” (Cairo By Gaslight, Black Tome Press, 2015), and a forthcoming novel, New Year’s Day. You can visit her on the interweb dimension at and


Bruce Hesselbach is an attorney who lives in Newfane, Vermont. His first novel, Perpetual Motion, published by Cogwheel Press in 2013, is a steampunk tale, set in Switzerland and Germany from 1876 to 1889, in which a time traveler’s daughter falls in love with a dangerous young inventor threatening to help Germany win the Great War. Bruce’s first book of New Formalist poetry, Roving Enchantments, was published in May 2014 by White Violet Press. Previously Bruce wrote High Ledges, Green Mountains (Bondcliff Books 2005), a memoir about hiking Vermont’s 270 mile Long Trail. An avid hiker, he has climbed over 500 different mountains to date. As chairman of the Newfane Conservation Commission, he helped create hiking trails in the Newfane Town Forest.

He is the author of nine published short stories. To date, 62 of his poems have been published in the small presses. He graduated cum laude from Yale in 1972 with a BA in English, and received a JD in 1975 from Villanova Law School. His favorite reading matter includes travel and exploration, history, fantasy and steampunk. You can visit his author’s website at and his hiking website at You can also see many of his hiking, steampunk, and humorous photos on Pinterest at .

AB Headshot Moon B
A writer by birth, a redhead by choice, and an outcast of Colorado by temporary necessity, AmyBeth Inverness is a creator of Speculative Fiction and Romance. She can usually be found tapping away at her laptop, writing the next novel or procrastinating by posting a SciFi Question of the Day on Facebook and Google Plus. When she’s not writing, she’s kept very busy making aluminum foil hats and raising two energetic kids and many pets with her husband in their New England home.
Daniel Mills is the author of the novel Revenants: A Dream of New England (Chomu Press, 2011) and of the short fiction collection The Lord Came at Twilight (Dark Renaissance Books, 2014).
His work has appeared in a variety of horror journals and anthologies, including Black Static, Shadows & Tall Trees, The Grimscribe’s Puppets, The Children of Old Leech and The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror, volumes 23 and 25. He lives in Vermont.
We’re very excited to take part in the Springfield Steampunk Festival! To RSVP for our reading, head here. For information about the event and to register, head over to the event’s website.