Beam Us Up To Trekonderoga 2015

Are you a Star Trek fan? Head over to Ticonderoga, New York this weekend, where there’s a new Star Trek convention in town. the first ever Trekonderoga will be taking place from Friday, September 4th through Sunday, September 6th!

The convention will be hosted by the Ticonderoga Revitalization Alliance and Retro Film Studios, and will feature a pair of screenings of the classic episode, The Trouble With Tribbles, and a variety of guest who appeared in the Original Series: Sally Kellerman, Don Marshall, Sean Kenney, Louise Sorel, BarBara Luna, Eric Stillwell and author David Gerrold.

Tickets for the event go for $40 online, and you should pick them up soon: attendance for the event is capped at 300.

Full details and tickets can be found here.

[Seven Days]