The First 50 Pages: Up, Back, and Away

Margot Harrison of Seven Days has picked a time travel tale for her latest feature, First 50 Pages: Up, Back, and Away by K. Velk, an author out of Stowe. Here’s what she has to say about it:

Will I read the rest?
Already have. It took me a few tries to get into Up, Back, and Away. But once Miles woke up in 1928 with a huge bump on his head and encountered a fast-talking English lad whose pluck and self-sufficiency make modern kids look like sheltered wusses, I was hooked.

In short, the appeal of this book doesn’t lie in the time travel, the attendant mystery or really anything to do with the protagonist. It lies in Velk’s loving, convincing re-creation of England in the era when the gentility of “Downton Abbey” met the vitality of the Jazz Age.

Read the rest here.

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