Panteria XX

The local chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism will host Panteria XX this coming weekend, from May 22nd through May 25th.The event will take place at Camp Farnsworth in Thetford.

Warm winds blow the greening grass on the lovely southern slopes of Vermont. Panteria looks forward to enjoying your company at picturesque Camp Farnsworth in Thetford, Vermont. We will again have all the wonderful activities that you have come to know and love: Heavy list, fencing, archery, thrown weapons, equestrian, A&S classes (with a new culinary tract), the Moonlight Ball, and bardic coffee house.

Lord Samuel Peter Bump, Northern Region Combat Archery Lieutenant is planning on arriving Saturday to teach Combat Archery.

We are expecting Many Merchants to be lining up their caravans to provide you with wares not to be missed.

The hearth fires are lit and the tables reinforced to bear the weight of the copious platters provided by the cooks of the Great Panteria Meal Plan! The East Kingdom’s most prestigious shall again provide Breakfast, Lunch and a One Course feast both Saturday and Sunday to please your palete and loosen your belt. Join the community of eaters, cooks, and cleaners where everyone helps and no one goes hungry.
Kosher, Vegetarian and Gluten Free options available at all meals WITH prior notice.

Come listen of the thunder of hooves off the mountains this Memorial day weekend in the always lovely Thetford, Vermont.

For full details, visit their website here.