Vermont Fantastic Tales


Geek Mountain State is pleased to present Vermont Fantastic Tales, the latest installment of our Vermont SF Writer’s Series. This event will feature a range of speculative fiction stories, and will be held at Quarterstaff Games on May 16th at 4:00pm. RSVP here.

Our authors for this event will be Rebecca Croteau, Rya Kriger, Chris MaMay-West, Erika Nichols, Luc Reid and Ginger Weil.

Seven Days Photo Credit Oliver Parini

Rebecca Croteau is a native Vermonter who writes dark fantasy, romance, and erotica, sometimes all at the same time. She was recently featured in Seven Days, and her first novel, Clearer In The Night, was released from Penner Publishing May 11, 2015. Her short stories have been featured in anthologies with Circlet Press, and will be forthcoming in anthologies from Cleis Press.

Ryan Looking Off

Ryan Kriger is the author of two novels, one science fiction and one middle grade science fiction/fantasy. He studied creative writing and computer science at Rutgers University, and works to protect Vermont’s consumers as an Assistant Attorney General. He moved to Vermont from New York City on 1/1/11, which seemed like an auspicious date to try something new, and has found the environment here to be very conducive to magical thinking. Ryan lives in Montpelier, Vermont, with his dog, Maggie, who guards him against threats that only she can see.


Chris LaMay-West believes in the power of rock music, Beat poetry, and the sanctity of Star Trek. He has appeared in Kitchen Sink and Morbid Curiosity, in various online venues including the Rumpus and Opium, and in the Mortified reading series. A California native, Chris recently expatriated to Vermont, where he writes, works for a college, serves as the assistant poetry editor for Mud Season Review, and lives with his lovely bride and two cats.


Erika Nichols writes poetry, fiction and the occasional essay. Her work has been published in Please Do Not Remove: A Collection Celebrating Literature and Libraries, Runaway Parade and elsewhere. She enjoys exploring the paranormal and impossible through literature. In her other life, she works in nonprofit development at the Governor’s Institutes of Vermont.


Luc Reid is a Writers of the Future winner whose fiction has appeared in venues like Daily Science Fiction and the international science journal Nature. His books include Talk the Talk: The Slang of 67 Subcultures and the collection Bam! 172 Hellaciously Quick Stories of Impossible Things. Luc runs the online neopro writers’ group Codex and is a third degree black belt in Taekwondo. His Web site is


Ginger Weil grew up in Vermont, where she picnicked in cemeteries and played tag in corn fields. The first things she looks for in a new town are a library and a coffee shop. She’s worked as a bookseller, baker, librarian, and office manager. Her fiction has appeared in Apex Magazine.