North Country Books Returns!

North Country Books - MATTHEW THORSEN

Years ago, Church Street in Burlington was a mecca for bookstores: Borders, Crow, and North Country Books. Located in a basement storefront at the top of Church Street, North Country Books had an enormous collection of used books for sale. I’ve been missing it’s presence, because I found a lot of great books there. Now, Seven Days has reported that the store is back in service, years after leaving Church Street for an online presence. The new store is now located at 67 Union Street in Winooski.

The nearly 1,500-square-foot store, which opened in early March with 7,000 to 8,000 titles, is located on Cascade Way between Winooski’s two parking-garage entrances, a block from the roundabout. (The store’s actual address, 25 Winooski Falls Way, is a bit misleading, Ciufo admits with a sigh.) The new store marks North Country Books’ return to brick-and-mortar sales after nearly seven years of doing business exclusively online.

“It was tough for me to sell out of my home and do the same thing day after day,” explains Ciufo, a soft-spoken, 55-year-old Middlebury native. “Books are something I want to share, something I want people to see. So having a bricks-and-mortar shop is exciting. Not everybody is interested, but people who really like this place make it worthwhile.”

Read the full article here. It’s great to see them back in a public location. I can’t wait to stop by.