Author Jeremy Holt Finds Success with Comic Book About Race

Seven Days has a great profile of local comic book artist Jeremy Holt, and his approach to comics and race relations:

Race is a topic that saturates news media, movies, books and the American zeitgeist these days. But back in 2008, publishers wouldn’t bite when Jeremy Holt began pitching “Southern Dog” — a four-part comic-book series that involves panic attacks, werewolves, high school crushes and the Ku Klux Klan, among other things.

“Everybody rejected it,” said Holt, 32, sipping a whiskey at the Lobby in Middlebury one recent Sunday evening. “Nobody wanted to do a story about race.”

After years of vicissitudes such as rejected pitches and failed collaborations, Holt saw all four issues of his series published in 2012 by Action Lab Entertainment. Illustrated by Italian artist Alex Diotto, “Southern Dog” became a runaway indie success. A critic at ComicBookBin wrote that it was “one of the most interesting reads to come along in the form of a mainstream comic book in quite some time.” “Southern Dog” has been recommended on numerous comics websites and has sold out in retail outlets including Burlington’s Earth Prime Comics. Action Lab rereleased the series as a graphic novel last fall.

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