Green Mountain Power to Offer Tesla Home Battery

Last night, Elon Musk of Telsa took the stage to reveal his next major invention, following space travel and electric cars: a home-based battery called the Tesla Powerwall. In doing so, they singled out Green Mountain Power of Vermont, which will begin to offer the batteries to consumers this summer.

GMP’s press release:

Green Mountain Power is pleased to announce that it will be one of the first energy companies in the country to offer Tesla’s new home battery, the Powerwall, to customers. Tesla, best known for its groundbreaking, fully electric cars, is taking its electric energy storage expertise to the next level with this energy storage solution for the home.

This exciting innovation in battery technology is part of delivering on Green Mountain Power’s mission to deliver cost effective, low carbon and reliable energy solutions for its customers. The technology will empower customers to become more energy independent while also allowing the company to reduce peak demand on the system, providing cost savings to all of its customers.

Read their entire press release here. They also have a page set up for orders: each battery will run you anywhere from $3000-3500.

This is pretty interesting, and exciting. Vermont certainly has a rich tradition with solar power, and such home batteries might be a useful tool for further decentralizing the existing electical grid. Particularly, this will certainly be useful for homes during the winter when we get frequent power outages due to downed lines.

You can read up on Tesla’s battery program here.

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