The First 50 Pages: The Literature Preferred by Wild Boar

Seven Days has a quasi-review of The Literature Preferred by Wild Boar by Alice Eckles as part of a series that they’re running on local authors and books that they recieve:

Our inaugural volume: a novel called The Literature Preferred by Wild Boar.

The author
Alice Eckles, a beekeeper and homesteader who lives in a yurt in Middlebury. Her first self-published book, A Phrase Book for Spiritual Emergencies, bears a glowing blurb from Jonathan Lethem, according to this page for the Indiegogo campaign she used to fund the production of Boar.

The deal
“It was the year 2045, and the world was peopled by only three thousand six hundred souls.”

Two of those souls are middle-aged Deb and her husband, Charles, who live in Vermont in the ruins of an airplane hangar, keeping bees and taking their time about building a house. While Charles likes to keep busy toward the end of the world, former travel writer and current New Age mystic Deb is more interested in “wrangling a story … that would aid all humanity in old age, and bring peace and prosperity on earth.” This task involves delving into her own past and reflecting on a pre-collapse incidence of “Crisis Averted,” in which her grandfather came close to committing suicide.

Read the full piece here.