Crowdfund This: Checkpoint: Console Arcade

Matt Fregoe is looking to start up a new age arcade in South Burlington with new consoles and games.

Checkpoint: Console Arcade (CCA) is Vermont’s first console gaming arcade. Bringing multiplayer gaming, an affordable alternative to other indoor activities, and the greatest collection of current and legacy games possible.

Wait, Can’t I Do That From Home?
Console systems were designed with the home in mind. That being said, there are serious advantages to using them in an arcade setting:
Save money! Consoles and games are very expensive (hundreds of dollars!) CCA will have a large variety of systems and games to choose from.
Play together! Console gaming can be even more expensive if you want to play with friends. CCA will have all you need for full-on multiplayer gaming.
Better than rentals! Skip sending games through the mail or driving back and forth to a kiosk. CCA will have all the latest games as well as legacy gaming you won’t find anywhere else.

How Awesome Will This Arcade Be?
Very. Here’s some reasons why:
Committed to games and the gaming environment. By focusing on gaming alone, CCA can offer a better gaming service than anyone else.
All ages and abilities welcome. By offering only gaming, CCA can offer its services to anyone and everyone during all open hours.
Unlimited game access. Pay a low, daily entry fee and play any available game or console. Switch out games at will, and come back later in the day at no extra charge.
Tournaments and events. Nothing beats playing games with other real people. Have fun, and put your skills to the test in your favorite games!

How Much Will It Cost To Play?
The daily entry fee will be $5. This gives you full access to any available games and systems. You can play as many games as you want for the entire day!

Interested? Pledges start at $5, and go up from there. Pledge here.

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