VT Digger is reporting that the proposed cuts to Vermont’s libraries will result in additional consequences: the loss of some federal funding for Vermont Library programs:

The Department of Libraries is part of the Agency of Administration and is poised to receive a $2,275,682 appropriation from the state’s general fund for fiscal year 2016. In fiscal year 2015, the libraries were promised a $2,746,649 appropriation, but the actual figure fell because of budget rescissions.

In January, Gov. Peter Shumlin proposed a 17 percent general fund cut over last year’s appropriation for the state libraries. Federal funding, which is about $900,000 annually, and would drop substantially if the state cuts services.

Cost-sharing revenue from local libraries and interdepartmental services will also drop — from $127,019 to $102,563, and $99,088 to $95,393, respectively.

The Vermont Library Association, an independent organization of library professionals, says the latest reduction in state funding is untenable because it will result in less federal funding and in the elimination of the public law library.

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