The Burlington Writer’s Workshop gets a new location

The Burlington Writer’s Workshop will be moving: they’ve secured a new spot in the Queen City. Formerly located at Studio 266 in Burlington’s South End, they will soon be found at 22 Church Street in Burlington. Here’s a blurb from their announcement:

This morning, Danielle and I signed a lease for the BWW on 22 Church Street. It’s a beautiful space with wood floors, enormous windows facing Church Street, a kitchenette, and (unlike our current space) walls up to the ceiling. We’ll be on the third floor. We took some photos this morning, so take a look!

We wanted a place that would inspire you and attract new writers. One of our missions is to bring attention to the writers who publish in THE BEST OF THE BURLINGTON WRITERS WORKSHOP, and a place on Church Street is perhaps the best possible choice if we want to build awareness of who we are and what we do.

We want to maintain accessibility for all people of all physical abilities, so it’s likely that we’ll hold regular workshops at other locations, too. We’ll be developing a system for when/where we’ll have these in the coming months.

This is pretty exciting news: the old location was nice, but hard to find and far from the downtown core. This new location is easily accessible and near everything else in Burlington, although parking will be more of a pain.

We’re pretty excited to see them move up, and we’d recommend helping the group pay for the space by donating, which you can do here.