What’s Your Watermark?

Here’s an interesting short film put together by the H-Team and Clean Water Filtration about water consumption here in Vermont.

Is it a priority to make sure Vermont’s waters are safe?

What’s Your Watermark? is a documentary conceived, created by, and starring Vermonters. Focusing mainly on the problem of rapidly declining water quality in Lake Champlain, this film features the faces and voices of countless local advocates for a healthier lake, including Vermont politicians, farmers, public works, watershed groups, businesses, entrepreneurs, property owners, and people on the street. They explain – in very clear terms – how water quality became a problem, but better yet, how we can work together to overcome it.

The film’s goal is to inspire action. It is part of a larger What’s Your Watermark? initiative that challenges Vermonters to evaluate their daily actions and rethink their priorities, purchases, and property management in ways that will help heal and protect one of our state’s most valuable resources.

This docu-ad is an interesting one, and it ties in nicely with some of the state’s priorities to focus on cleaning up Lake Champlain and focusing on better land management and water consumption. For more information, visit their website here.