Kickstart This: Star Trek Anthology

James A. Bray is turning to Kickstarter to get his Star Trek fan film anthology filmed! This seems like a neat concept, and they’re looking to raise $14,000 in the next five days to get his project started. Here’s the details:

Welcome! “Star Trek Anthology” is a vignette/anthology series of TOS Trek-related stories. Where Star Trek was Gene Roddenberry’s “Wagon Train to the Stars,” Star Trek Anthology is more of an “Express Train to the Twilight Zone.” The plan is to explore strange, weird and perhaps even uncomfortable subject matter.

Think Trek + Twilight Zone + a pinch of Galaxy Quest = Anthology. Let’s have some fun making Trek! It is truly wonderful that fans’ fascination with Star Trek continues after fifty years, and we’re glad to be developing new stories for the timeline that follows the Original Series.

I’d like to take a few minutes to tell you a little bit about what we think is a unique and exciting take on the world of Trek. You may remember in the 1970’s, NBC had an interesting anthology series called the NBC Sunday Mystery Movie. Each week, it would feature a different detective story. There was “Macmillan and Wife” starring Rock Hudson and Susan Saint James, “Heck Ramsey” starring Richard Boone, “McCloud” starring Dennis Weaver, and who can forget “Columbo” starring Peter Falk.

The concept for “Star Trek Anthology” will be very much the same. Each segment of the series will take place primarily in the original Trek series period. Our premier episode will feature our tent-pole production, “Starship Challenger,” the story of Captain JM Colt and the crew of the Challenger, a Miranda-Class Starship, as they explore the outer rim of the galaxy…

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