Carl Grasso’s COTS Fundraising Page

Local geek Carl Grasso is participating in the upcoming Committee On Temporary Shelter talk that’s taking place on May 3rd. If he raises $1000, he’ll do the walk in Jedi garb. If he gets 10, $25 donations he’ll raffle off a lightsaber.

Help out the homeless in the Burlington area. If I can manage to raise $1000 for COTS I will do the walk in a Jedi costume!

I’m also raffling off a stunt lightsaber (an Ultrasaber Initiate) if I receive at least 10 donations. Every 25$ counts as an entry. Make sure you don’t make your donation anonymous other wise I won’t know who to send the lightsaber to if you win. The contest is only for people in the continental United States. I will cover the shipping (absolute cheapest ground shipping).

Donate here.