Presenting: The GMS Movie Club

GMS Movie Club

Last year, GMS introduced the Geek Mountain State Book Club, hosted through the Pierson Library, with the focus on new science fiction, fantasy and horror titles. Now, we’re making the jump over to film with the GMS Movie Club.

This gathering will be similar to the book club: we’ll gather a group of people to take in and discuss a recently-released science fiction, fantasy or horror film at the Essex Cinemas in Essex. We’ll set a screening date for a new film (the Saturday after the release, in the afternoon), and take in the film. With ten or more people, GMS will get a group rate.

There’s a catch, however: we need to turn in a list of participants to the theater, so signing up ahead of time is required. To join up, sign up for the GMS mailing list, where we’ll let people know about the upcoming film date and time, and take down names for each film.

This week’s film is Chappie, directed by Niell Blomkamp. We’re going to go to the 1:30 pm showing. If you’re interested in attending, please RSVP here.