New Graphic Novel & Graphic Nonfiction Children’s Collections!

The Wilder Memorial Library recently received a grant from Ashgate Publishing, which has allowed them to build a new graphic novel and graphic history book section!

We are so excited to announce that the creation of two new children’s collections has been made possible by a generous grant from Ashgate Publishing! Wilder Memorial Library is now able to offer graphic novels and graphic history books to its young patrons. Graphic novels about Sherlock Holmes, pirate ghost ships, Frankenstein, and classics like White Fang, are available to be checked out today! Graphic history books about the Underground Railroad, the Moon Landing, the Titanic and more, are also available to be checked out. Graphic novels and graphic nonfiction books are hugely popular with young readers. Our library is able to meet the demand for these items because of a $500 grant award to us by Ashgate Publishing. We are so grateful for their support and generosity!

It’s excellent to see libraries given the resources to build out their collections.