Radio Shack Announces Vermont Closures

In recent days, Radio Shack has filed for bankruptcy, and announced that they would be closing at over 1,700 stores across the country by March 31st. Two Vermont branches are on that list:

Radio Shack number 1533 in South Burlington’s University Mall will be in the second round of closings, and will close by February 28th, while Radio Shack number 1539 in St. Johnsbury’s Green Mountain Mall is in the 3rd round of closures: it will be closed by March 31st.

Vermont is home to fifteen stores in all, and at this point, it’s unclear as to what will happen with the remainder of the chain. It’s possible that those stores will be converted into Sprint outlets.

It’s really too bad: I’ve had friends who’ve worked at these stores, and I’ve found them to be an outstanding place to pick up random supplies and cables.