AirShark Takes Off

The Burlington Free Press covers a new startup called AirShark, which provides drones for industrial purposes:

Burlington startup AirShark, which builds airborne drones, is tethered to a very short leash.

Its co-founders and sole employees Jon Budreski and Ian Ray are professionals. They customize the little rigs to tote all manner of cameras, sensors and mapping gear.

They are jazzed.

At a work station at Burlington Generator (the maker-space beneath Memorial Auditorium), the two are developing a new, all-weather craft.

The U.S. market is hankering for workhorse drones, Budreski says, “to do anything that’s dull, dirty, distant or dangerous.”

This looks like a really cool business, and it’ll be interesting to see where they go. Read the entire article here. You can visit their website here.