Intel Futurist Reimagining The American Dream Is Studying…Vermont

What's the future of the American Dream? That's what Brian David Johnson, Intel Corp.'s chief futurist, wants to know, and he's conducting research in Vermont for his forthcoming book on the topic.

Brian David Johnson is the chief Futurist for Intel, and will be giving a talk at Champlain College tonight at 6:00pm at Argosy Gym in the IDX Student Life Center. VPR had a short chat with him:

On what, exactly, a futurist does

“As a technological futurist, I look about 10 to 15 years out in the future, and model how people will act and interact with technology. And I do that because it takes the Intel Corporation, where I work, about five to 10 years to design, develop and deploy the chip that goes into our computers. So it’s of vital business importance today for Intel to know what people will want to do 10 years from now.”

Listen to the entire article here.