UVM’s Ebola Fighters: Tales from Liberia

Majid Sadigh

UVM has a great article on several of their personnel who have travelled to West Africa to combat Ebola:

Dr. Margaret Tandoh, a trauma surgeon, has seen her share of patients in dire situations, but spending seven weeks with people infected with Ebola took “dire” to a new level.

An assistant professor of surgery at the University of Vermont College of Medicine, Tandoh says she couldn’t check a patient’s temperature or do lab tests in the Ebola treatment unit where she first worked in Bong, Liberia. The heat and lack of resources made these basic procedures unfeasible.

“It was very difficult to see the sicker patients because there was nothing you could do,” Tandoh wrote earlier this month in an email from Brussels, Belgium, where she stayed during a quarantine period after she left Liberia. “You knew they were going to die. As a surgical intensivist, I’m trained to place large IV lines, provide intubation and all kinds of medications to save a patient’s life. In this situation, you cannot offer any of those.”

Read the entire article here.