Todd Lecture Series: Astronaut Col. Michael E. Fossum

Norwich University’s Todd Lecture Series is going to get a fantastic visitor in late February: Col Michael E. Fossum, a NASA Astronaut who commanded the International Space Station. The lecture will take place on February 26th at Norwich University’s Northfield campus, and will be hosted by the College of Science and Mathematics.

Fossum joined NASA in 1993 as an engineer, where his primary responsibility was to evaluate the Russian Soyuz spacecraft for use as an emergency escape vehicle for (at the time) planned International Space Station. He was selected as an astronaut candidate in 1998 and supported several space shuttle missions as capsule communicator (CapCom). In 2006, he was a member of the crew of STS-121 on Space Shuttle Discovery, and in 2008, he flew aboard Discovery once again for the STS-124 mission. In 2011, he was part of the Expedition 28 and 29 missions aboard the International Space Station. In total, he has spent 194 days in space, which include 48 hours over the course of 7 spacewalks.

This should be a really exciting lecture. They are free and open to the public. Every time I attend one of these, I have found that I’ve come away with my thoughts provoked.

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  1. The Todd Series is excellent. The archives of previous presentations can be found here-

    J. Craig Venter’s talk was great.

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