Jim Wheelock’s Comics Collection Stolen In Brattleboro, Vermont

A prominent comic book collector and illustrator has recently had his extensive collection stolen from a storage site in Brattleboro. Jim Wheelock lives in Los Angeles, and is known for his graphic novel, Inferno Los Angeles. He was born and raised in Vermont, and attended the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. He currently works in the television and film industry, where he works extensively with storyboards and prop comic books, while publishing in alternative comic books.

According to Bleeding Cool, while the culprit has been caught, many of the comics are still missing:

The culprit, identified to me as William Brown by the Brattleboro Police, was originally arrested for breaking into several units in the building. After the first break-ins, security cameras were installed, and he was videotaped breaking into a storage unit. He was released and has an arraignment scheduled. This was before I was aware of what was missing. In later interview, he confessed to stealing four boxes of comics, and claims he sold them to two dealers for very little money at a flea market in Wilmington, Vermont. He mentioned “Archie” comics specifically, and said he sold two boxes to a man, and two to a woman from New York state. He also said he sold stolen goods at flea markets in Hubbardston and Agawam, MA. He can no longer access the building.

On the website, he has a longer description of what’s missing, and urges people to keep their eyes out for the comics. Hopefully, they’ll be returned in short order!