Album Review: Write Brothers – Take Flight

Write Brothers

At the end of 2014, Seven Days posted up a series on their favorite local singles of the year, and one in particular caught my ears: ‘Extraordinary I’, by the Write Brothers. Taken from their debut album Take Flight, rapper Learic (Devon Ewalt), a former Burlington resident now in California, this album has been constantly playing as I drive, work and work out.

Learic, along with producer Dante Davinci are the Write Brothers, and provide a seamless blend of hip-hop, rap and a whole metric ton of geeky wordplay. The album was produced in Burlington by Upsetta Studios, and features additional singers Annie Costa, Caroline Rose and Jer Coons. Learic and Dante Davinci are stunning writers, blending together science fiction imagery, and sense of nostalgia that hits home to me. Scattered throughout the lyrics are easter eggs from Vermont, which is particularly interesting to listen to. References range from things like Gary Larson’s Far Side comic to Star Wars.

DJ Booth describes the album as “A concept album taking place in an alternate near future setting,” and that’s evident, especially with songs ‘Lucid Dream’, ‘Extraordinary I’ and ‘Moon Boots’. It’s an energetic, wordy and eminently geeky album, one that I’ve listened to over and over.

You can as well: the entire album can be downloaded for free at DJ Booth. You can also listen and download the songs on SoundCloud. We highly recommend that you do.