Press & Reviews for Providence of Fire


Brian Staveley’s Providence of Fire is coming out next week, and already, reviews and coverage are starting to come in. Here’s a sample of what’s come out recently:

Staveley wrote a piece for Tor/Forge’s blog: Three Ekphrastic Dialogues; or NO DUAL WIELDING UNTIL BOOK THREE.

Tenacious Reader enjoyed the book:

The end of this book will leave you wanting to grab for the next one immediately, but it’s so good, I don’t recommend putting off reading it either. Just go read it. Deal with with the wait. You can’t forget how it ends, so don’t worry about that.

Niall Alexander on also enjoyed it:

At the end of the day, I dare say I enjoyed The Emperor’s Blades. My reservations, however, came back to me in a flash when the time came to see about the sequel. By taking the better part of a hundred pages to begin, it doesn’t put its best foot forward, I’m afraid… but beyond that? Boy oh boy. The Providence of Fire stands as a lesson in a sense: that great things can spring from small beginnings.

abouttogetreal has an interview with Staveley:

Anyway, The Emperor’s Blades was definitely one of the best books I read in 2014 and I was pretty excited when Brian Staveley agreed to an interview. Coming from an academic background with a strong interest in poetry, Brian Staveley definitely brings a unique perspective to his writing. One of the first things that the reader will notice is that unlike alot of other personality-driven fantasy novels where the setting itself is not one of the main characters, is that the societies, religions, and history are all very well thought-out and not simply your generic medieval Western European culture with wizards and gnomes and whatnot thrown in for good measure, which helps keep the writer from having to do any serious world-building of their own. Brian Staveley also maintains a blog with a ton of great resources for an aspiring fantasy author. OK, enough from me. Let’s move on to the interview:

Finally, Dartmouth College has published an interview with Staveley:

When he is not blogging about epic fantasy or spending time outside in Vermont, author and blogger Brian Staveley ’98 works on his trilogy “Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne.” The second book in the series, “The Providence of Fire” comes out Jan. 13.

Read the interview here.