Tesla to build Supercharger Station in Vermont

Via the Sun Chronicle, Vermont will soon be home to its first Tesla Supercharger station. The electric car company is slowly building out its network of stations around the country, which can charge the cars in a short period of time. The new station will be located in Brattleboro.

The eight-bay charging station has been built in the Price Chopper parking lot. Tesla is awaiting a permit to attach the charging stations to the electric grid.

The Supercharger can charge a battery in one of the company’s Model S electric vehicles, halfway, in about 20 minutes and a fully charged Model S can travel for about three hours, the newspaper reported.

Tesla has been adding to its Supercharger network since 2012. It has about 150 charging stations in the United States and hopes to have a station every 120-150 miles in the next few years.

Tesla car owners can charge their vehicles for free at the stations.

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