About Geek Mountain State

Earlier today, Geeks were featured on Vermont Public Radio’s Vermont Edition, where I, Kristin Dearborn and Brian Staveley got to talk a little about how Vermont geeks meet one another and engage in our favorite activities. If you heard about us via Vermont Edition, welcome!

Geek Mountain State is a community blog founded in 2010 to act as a center point for all types of geek activities, from gaming to science news to books and quite a bit more. Last year, we began to branch into IRL activities with some event programming. We run a book club through Shelburne’s Pierson Library (we meet on the first Thursday of each month), and we run the Vermont SF Writer’s series, which puts Vermont SF authors before an audience.

We try and post a couple of times a day, starting off with a summary of various geek activities that take place in the state, and over the rest of the day, whatever else happens to come our way, from news to commentary to interesting ‘Geek’ Things that are going on.

You can find us on Facebook here, or you can follow us on Twitter over here. Come say hi!